Karina Plachetka, painter

painter, designer, illustrator


My subjects include portraits, still life, and landscapes - especially with Mediterranean themes. Born and raised in Poland, I have been living and working for over 30 years near Munich in Germany.


After graduating from the 'Freie Kunstwerkstatt Prof. Hans Seeger' in Munich in 2000, I worked as a freelance illustrator, painter, graphic artist.


In 2005 and 2007, I visited summer courses in 'Portrait Painting' at 'The Florece Academy of Art' in Florence and this had an great influence on my work.


During the years 2003 to 2013, I ran art and teaching studios with small art galleries in Munich. 

Since 2013, I have been spending time classifying my own large collection in order to manage  it.  In 2016, I started an Abstract Art Project', a collection of acrylic and mixing technique abstract paintings.


I am currently continuing my projects, painting workshops and artistic travels.

Exhibitions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain. International sales.




Anyone expecting just a single subject or technique from my portfolio will be disappointed. The world of creativity is far too large and lively to be so limited. My curiosity attracts me towards the abstraction, after which I return with fresh insight and impulse to realism. Both directions, abstract and realist, weave through each other in my work.


This is how I began my 'Abstract Art Project' in 2016, a project which had very little to do with the last 19 years of my realist work. What I look for in my art is a sense of balance, an equilibrium between my thoughts, feelings, and common sense.


Nature is the most beautiful inspiration in my work.


The majority of my collection consists of sketches or finished paintings of impressions from my travels through the South of Europe, where I can always find a new spirit of creativity, especially in the landscapes or cityscapes.


Painting and drawing techniques are not an aim but rather they are very good tools for expressing myself. I use oil, watercolour, pencil, ink, pastel, oil pastels, charcoal, all of which have their own unique charm but most of my works are created in oil and ink medium. Black-white work is as important to me as the world of paint and colour. Drawing and painting are both of equal importance to me.


In every piece of my work there is a small part of my lifetime and so I include the positive energy that I would like to share with others. A new owner or recipient of my art can be free to experience it through their own interpretation.


Exhibitions and work review